ProcScan - Large plate imaging


ProcScan is a scanner that can be used to process large size bioassay plates or colony plates too large for the ProtoCOL 3.

AST Colony counting Zone Reading 3 Year warranty CFR part11 CLSI Eucast ISO 9001:2008 Operating System TIFF USB XLS

ProcScan is used when working with large size plates either for colony counting or for the measurement of inhibition zones on plates which are too large to fit inside the ProtoCOL 3.

The ProcScan can be connected to a ProtoCOL 3 or a stand alone computer that is running the ProtoCOL 3 software.

When larger plates are being utilised, simply use the ProcScan scanner which can work with plates of up to 300 x 300mm. Images of these plates are scanned directly into the ProtoCOL 3 or the separate PC. Large format plates such as SRD with large grid arrays can easily be scanned and imaged with ProcScan. This combined with the ProtoCOL 3 software makes the reading of these large plates fast, simple and accurate.

ProcScan has a warranty of 12 months.

Why buy?

  • For large size plateUsing the ProScan enables you to use all the features of the ProtoCOL 3 software but on larger size samples.
  • Connect to ProtoCOL 3 or PCThe ProcScan can either be used by connecting it directly to a ProtoCOL 3 or by connecting to a stand alone PC which is running ProtoCOL 3 software.


Multi Plate Holder

The 20 dish plate holder allows the ProcScan to be used to scan multiple pour plates at the same time using the multiwell module. By using this plate holder, up to twenty 55 mm petri dishes can be measured at once saving a large amount of time.

This plate holder is made from durable pinseal finished ABS and can be cleaned with a standard ethanol/antibacterial solution if required.



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