Sales FAQs

What is the minimum colony size detectable?2017-10-11T09:05:20+01:00

43 microns is the minimum colony size detectable

Where can I buy Synbiosis equipment?2017-09-16T13:06:44+01:00

We have distributors selling and supporting our equipment around the world.

See our Where to buy page on this website.

Support FAQs

For Support FAQs, please click the link below2017-10-11T09:08:42+01:00

For system requirements and other software and hardware related issues, please see this page on our support site.

Contact Support

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Contact support who will be happy to help you.
Contact Support

If you are unable to find the answer to your query here, please let us know. Our expert development and sales teams will be able to answer your questions directly, and we are more than happy to listen to your views and take on any suggestions concerning the information we present on our website.

Our support telephone numbers are:
U.S. 800-686-4451 (Toll free)
or 301-662-2863
Europe +44 (0)1223 727125
Rest of world (0)1223 727125

You can email the support team directly at support@synbiosis.com


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