eAST software - Easy antibiotic susceptibility testing software

eAST software

Unique AST software designed to work with ChromaZona and ProtoCOL 3 for full interpretation of zone measurements.

AST Zone Reading CFR part11 CLSI Eucast ISO 9001:2008 LIMS TIFF XLS

The revolutionary eAST software is designed for use with ChromaZona and ProtoCOL 3 automated zone measurement systems. The software quickly and simply measures zones around antibiotic discs and calculates antibiotic resistance from results to help guide treatment options.

At the touch of a button the results can be automatically compared to data from all the tested organisms that have breakpoint values in the EUCAST and CLSI databases.

The eAST software lists which antibiotics the bacteria are sensitive and resistant to, in less than half the time it takes to perform these tasks manually.

The software is GLP and GDP compliant and generates zone measurement reports and plate images which can be transferred and stored in Excel to eliminate keying and data transfer errors, as well as provide a full audit trail and traceability.

Why buy?

  • Saves hours of time and removes any subjectivity associated with manual zone reading
  • Gives automatic comparison with EUCAST and CLSI breakpoint values
  • Displays Expert rules
  • Produces rapid, objective interpretation of results
  • Gives a guidance for antibiotic treatment options
  • Integrates into GLP and GMP environments with full traceability

Choosing & purchasing

  • eAST comes as standard with ChromaZona.
  • eAST is available as an optional software module for ProtoCOL 3.
  • eAST is sold as a single runtime lifetime licence. Please refer to local distributor for pricing information. See where to buy.


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