Cambridge, UK: Synbiosis, a long-established, expert manufacturer of automated microbiological systems, is delighted to introduce its new ProBlend, compact automated sample blender. This easy-clean system with its innovative paddles is an ideal choice for food microbiologists looking for quiet, yet effective sample blending.

ProBlend is simple to load and uses automatic bag closing technology, ensuring the blending bags are tightly sealed to prevent unwanted leaks and spills. Featuring a stainless steel chamber, with a waste drawer for spillage collection, as well as a removable door and quick release paddles, the ProBlend is also easy to take apart and clean if an accidental leak does occur.

ProBlend’s revolutionary ‘pendular’ blending paddle method provides power and efficiency which progressively and gently strokes samples (up to 70kg) for optimal and homogenous blending via an impressive 28kg of pressure per paddle. This blending method combined with the system’s rubber feet provides a virtually noiseless, vibration free operation, measuring just 48 decibels. This reduced noise output allows microbiologists to continue with other lab tasks without the noise interference that is typical of many current sample blenders.

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“Many food or environmental testing labs require a powerful, yet silent and efficient method of producing homogeneous liquid samples for diluting and culturing,” comments Kate George, Senior Divisional Manager at Synbiosis, “we’re confident our new ProBlend offers this. When combined with our new ProDilute and Protos 3 colony counter, Synbiosis can now provide a total package for microbiologists wanting to increase the productivity of their sample preparation, dilution and colony counting.”

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