Large plate imaging


Large plate imaging

ProcScan is used when working with large size plates either for colony counting or for the measurement of inhibition zones on plates which are too large to fit inside the ProtoCOL 3.

The ProcScan can be connected to a ProtoCOL 3 or a stand alone computer that is running the ProtoCOL 3 software.

When larger plates are being utilised, simply use the ProcScan scanner which can work with plates of up to 300 x 300mm. Images of these plates are scanned directly into the ProtoCOL 3 or the separate PC. Large format plates such as SRD with large grid arrays can easily be scanned and imaged with ProcScan. This combined with the ProtoCOL 3 software makes the reading of these large plates fast, simple and accurate.

ProcScan for large size plates for colony counting or for the measurement of inhibition zones

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