Automatic colony counting and zone measuring

ProtoCOL 3

ProtoCOL 3 is the next generation instrument for colony counting, zone measurements (inhibition and antibiotic susceptibility testing), membranes, PETRIFILMTM plates and a range of other applications including: spiral plates, OPKA (opsonophagocytic killing assay), SBA (serum bactericidal assay), Multi-sector, Multi-well, SRD (single radial immunodiffusion) and Ames. The new design now enables plates of up to 150mm diameter to be automatically read at the press of a button. Designed for use across a wide range of applications, ProtoCOL 3 will count colonies as small as 43 microns (0.043mm) or measure zones accurately to 0.5mm with a theoretical detection limit of 0.1mm.

ProtoCOL 3 has a unique LED lighting system configured for exceptional illumination of all sample types. High definition, colour images taken with a 1.4 mega pixel scientific grade CCD camera ensure that even the smallest colony can be seen and counted, while zone measurements are fast, accurate and reproducible.

ProtoCOL 3 is available with a mounted touch screen processor which enables ease of control while the easy-to-use software produces highly accurate results. Alternatively, the ProtoCOL 3 can now be used with a new or existing stand-alone desktop or laptop computer via USB connection – no additional PCI cards are required.

The new ProtoCOL 3 comes inclusive with both colony counting and zone measuring ability. To extend its range of applications, inexpensive additional modules can be added to the software for Spiral, OPKA, SBA, Multi-sector, Multi-well, Ames and antibiotic susceptibility testing (eAST). The Inhibition Zone software module is supplied as standard. Results can be automatically transferred to Excel or a LIMS system. The system can also be used with 1D barcodes. All data generated is GLP/GMP compliant with a full audit trail and can be used to produce professional reports. Each system comes complete with 2 validation plates.

PETRIFILMTM is a trademark of 3M Company. 3M Company is not affiliated with Synbiosis and does not endorse or certify Synbiosis’s products.

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