Software download

aCOLye 3 software download

aCOLyte 3 version 1.2.4

Download the file and then extract the contents to a new folder or to a CD before running the aCOLyte 3 Setup program.
Download latest aCOLyte 3 software (117 MB)

Click here to see the list of changes for version 1.2.4

Please note:

1)      This download is only intended to be used with the aCOLyte 3 units (see description above). If you want advice about the latest software upgrade available for previous versions of aCOLyte units or any custom variants, please contact the Synbiosis Support desk on quoting the serial number of your unit and the currently installed version of aCOLyte software.

2)      This download is for update of aCOLyte 3 software only.

3)       During the installation you will be asked about your particular aCOLyte 3 hardware. aCOLyte 3 units beginning with the serial number 7000 should select "aCOLyte 3 HD", otherwise select "aCOLyte 3".

3)      The latest version of aCOLyte 3 software requires the full version of Microsoft’s .NET Framework 4. If this is not present on your PC you will be prompted to install it. As the download of aCOLyte 3 software is kept to a minimum, .NET Framework 4 is not present in aCOLyte 3 update but can be downloaded and installed from:

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