Cambridge, UK: Synbiosis, a long-established, expert manufacturer of automated microbiological systems, is delighted to introduce the aCOLyte 3 HD its next generation, automated colony counter for microbiologists that demand a sensitive, budget system to quickly and accurately count colonies of all sizes and colours.

The new aCOLyte 3 HD colony counter, features a high resolution megapixel CCD camera for accurate detection of different coloured microbial colonies, even those as small as 0.1mm. The system’s powerful software can analyse pour, spread and spiral plates of up to 90mm, generating stunning full-colour plate images and precise count in seconds. The results can be directly transferred to Excel and other software packages to avoid keying and scanning errors, guaranteeing accurate GLP compliant reporting and full data traceability every time.

The aCOLyte 3 HD is the ideal budget system because it can be simply connected via a USB port to either a microbiologist’s own tablet, laptop or desktop PC or a computer purchased with the system. Additionally, aCOLyte 3 HD users have access to free upgrades of all aCOLyte 3 HD’s precise imaging and analysis packages, and means the system will stay current without any additional software costs.

Microbiologists wanting to find out about the great value a new aCOLyte 3 HD offers, should click this link today

“Counting hundreds of microbial colonies is time consuming and can generate data that varies between different microbiologists as it is a tiring and error prone task,” comments Kate George, Divisional Manager at Synbiosis, “we’re confident this new colony counter provides affordable automation, which will improve count accuracy, as well as increase productivity in any water, food or environmental lab that installs an aCOLyte 3 HD.”

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