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You have reached this page on the instructions of our support team.


The aCOLyteLogZip program collects log files generated by the aCOLyte product, to help us provide support to you if a problem is reported to us about that product.


Download the program aCOLyteLogZip.exe by clicking this link: DOWNLOAD


Run the program aCOLyteLogZip.exe, on the same PC as the product is installed, logged in as the user who normally uses the product.


As soon as the program starts, it searches your computer for the log files, and shows those on a list.

Our support team may give you additional instructions to collect further files.


Click the Save To Zip File button to write those details to a compressed file "".

Please email that file "" back to


aCOLyteLogZip does not change your system configuration in any way.


You may see a warning that "The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?" which is intended to protect you from malicious programs contained within websites or attached to "spam" emails. We have made our best efforts to ensure that aCOLyteLogZip is completely safe, but we have not yet obtained a digital signature for this product - please click the Run button.


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